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Working on a mashup where I need an API which gives me address details if I pass IP of that particular location. Can anyone help me to get an API? I've heard about iploc but its no longer available.

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I have used this once, but only getting the State of a given IP. Have a look:

Target Your Visitors Using GeoIP and .NET

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Warning: ISP and proxy is not equivalent to the peer so such service is always not so corerct.

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Go here: MaxMind: http://www.maxmind.com/app/ip-location

It has IP conversion into: country, city, ISP version. Paid database, or free (lite) versions are available.

Their API is too stong. They allow to download a compressed binary file, and give PHP or other language APIs to access that database file to decode your IP into details. Interesting...

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IP2Location is pretty popular:


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