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In R (or any other platform / language) is the calculation of a ROC curve something that can be split up and performed in parallel. I'm doing one w/ 150k lines and it takes about 5-7 minutes for each calculation using the pROC package. Any other suggestions for quicker AUC or ROC calculations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The calculation of an ROC curve should be quite fast since it really just sorting results and calculating a cumulative sum of proportions, but my guess is that you are doing something more complex (or you are doing it in a very inefficient manner). This illustrates construction of an ROC curve for 15000 points ... almost instantanrous ( and doing it with 150K did slow it down a bit, but still under 2 seconds):

 testres <- data.frame(res=rnorm(15000), cat=rbinom(15000,1, .2))
 pred <- prediction(testres$res, testres$cat)
 perf <- performance(pred,"tpr","fpr")
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Thanks, that's much better. – screechOwl Nov 12 '11 at 16:32

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