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Starting out with a given image, I would like to be able to trace polygons on the image and then export the result as an HTML image map.

What would also be nice is to be able change the scale of an existing image map, thereby changing the size of the polygons and shapes.

Is there a program that anyone knows of that has these features?

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Many program do this. It is to time consuming doing complicated maps manually. I know coffeecup is a used tool for this.

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Cool. $29 is ok - free would be better. I probably only need this once so I suppose I could download the demo. Anyone know if this handles my scaling problem? – Matthew Nov 12 '11 at 16:15

What would also be nice is to be able change the scale of an existing image map ..

I wrote a Javascript image map resizer, it's here. Just paste in your HTML and it will return the scaled image map. You must include "height" and "width" attributes for the original image in the HTML. (This is a quick and dirty tool, it doesn't actually do anything other than parse the HTML you've pasted in. It uses those attributes as the base of calculations).

You may also be interested in my jQuery plugin ImageMapster which can resize image maps dynamically among other things.

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Neat, thank you! – Matthew Nov 15 '11 at 21:48

I use this site it's fairly good for quickly making image-maps

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