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I have tried everything I know. I'm beginning to think it's being created by Tumblrs javascript. First, I do have inline blocks, which i know read white space and add pixels. But after much testing, stripping all my javascript, and removing everything and leaving just a standard

<div><img src="image"/></div>

I still get this 2px space below the image!

So I'm wondering is there a way to do this without jquery perhaps?

.parentdiv {
    height:100% - 2px;


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This issue is caused by the line-height, because text is expected, too.


line-height: 0;



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+1 Great answer and well illustrated. –  dSquared Nov 12 '11 at 16:50

Another solution that wouldn’t modify the entire container line-height is to make images behave as a block element. Because they are inline by default.

img {
  display: block;

Yeah, I know, it’s old, but always good to know I think.

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