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When posting to the /PROFILE_ID/feed method with a properly formatted message_tags field the post appears in the feed but message_tags data is not present in the feed or visible via the API.

message_tags info is documented here:

My test code to expose the issue:

curl -F 'access_token=VALID_TOKEN' \
-F 'message=Mike Lombardo Fuffy Fuffy Fuffy!' \
-F 'privacy={"value":"CUSTOM","friends": "SELF"}' \
-F 'from={"name":"Mike Bannister","id":"1254711849"}' \
-F 'to={"data":[{"name":"Mike Lombardo","id":"1424749454"}]}' \
-F 'message_tags={"data":[{"id":"1424749454","name":"Mike Lombardo","offset":0,"length":13}]}' \

Should I expect this to work? If not shouldn't the docs indicate that message_tags is read only? Would love any feedback on this! Thanks you.

Update: I'm starting to settle into believing this won't work because only Facebook (or a user manually using Facebook) can tag another User in a message. I think this might be implied by the table here: because it doesn't list message_tags as an argument even though, for instance, it doesn't list privacy but accepts it as an argument.


Bug on Facebook tracker

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I am searching for a solution for days please did you find how to post a tag ? – AlaaL Sep 16 '13 at 5:27

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This post said that message_tags are read only.

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