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I have an Eclipse RCP application which uses some bindings from org.eclipse.ui.defaultAcceleratorConfiguration in addition to its own keybindigs, which are defined through the extension org.eclipse.ui.binding. I defined my own binding scheme and set the defaultAcceleratorConfiguration as parentId, then activated that scheme from plugin_customization.ini so that I can override some binding

Currently, nearly all of my commands are in the org.eclipse.ui.contexts.window context. However, I would like some binding to only take effect when a certain perspective is selected.

How could I change the current context so that when a perspective is selected or loaded (upon application launch, for example) a certain context is activated, then revert to the window context when it is deselected? I am looking for a solution that interferes other perspectives minimally, that is, it should be able to be used by several perspectives in the workbech.

I did some IPerspectiveListener3 trickery that indeed works. I activate the context when my perspective is activated, and deactivate it upon perspective deactivation. However, I wonder whether a less hackish solution exists.

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Perspectives in eclipse 3.x are mostly layout without state. Your solution is probably the most reliable way to do what you want. –  Paul Webster Nov 16 '11 at 13:41

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I went with the IPerspectiveListener3 approach, and didn't run into any regressions. Yet.

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