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I want to integrate Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2010 with a free project management tool and a bug tracking system, is there any way to do this? I'm using subversion with VS.Net and I want to be able when I commit the code I can specify that this commit is for certain task. Also I can raise a bug in the bug tracking system from VS.Net. We are 4 developers and we have at least 3 projects going on. Either free or low cost affordable plan is great. If Microsoft Project can be integrated with VS.Net, then that would be great cause we have it.

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"Low cost" or "integrated into VS" - pick one. –  Doc Brown Nov 12 '11 at 17:38

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I would recommend Gemini from Countersoft as we have the same basic Dev setup as you.

Integrates with:

  • SVN
  • Visual Studio (I love the screen capture feature)
  • MS Project (but I have not tried it)
  • MS Outlook (we do use this and it works OK)

3 users are free, not sure how much for 4 users.

Hope this helps you.

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