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I have strings that are formatted as below:

"Houston, TX" - str1
"Chicago, IL" - str2
"Seattle, WA" - str3

i want to extract "TX", "IL", "WA" when given each of the above str1/str2/str3, if a state code exists in string (i.e. 2 upper case letters at end of string) using PHP & regex.. any pointers.. i am unable to reliably extract this info from all the strings given to my method.

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For regex try this handy tool: txt2re.com – madc Nov 12 '11 at 18:18
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You don't need to use regular expressions for this. Assuming the state code can only appear at the very end of a string, you can use this small function:

 * Extracts the US state code from a string and returns it, otherwise
 * returns false.
 * "Houston, TX" - returns "TX"
 * "TX, Houston" - returns false
 * @return string|boolean
function getStateCode($string)
    // I'm not familiar with all the state codes, you
    // should add them yourself.
    $codes = array('TX', 'IL', 'WA');

    $code = strtoupper(substr($string, -2));

    if(in_array($code, $codes))
        return $code;
        return false;
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Try /, [A-Z]{2}$/ (remove the comma if it's not important).

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Or use /, ([A-Z]{2})$/ and grab the group instead of the whole match. – mu is too short Nov 12 '11 at 18:19


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substr($string, -2); // returns the last 2 characters
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