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Using opencv 2.3. I have a region bounded by a rectangle that I want to extract and make a deep copy of, so that when that image is destroyed this rectangular region can live on. I'm using this as a template for matching in a video sequence. How can you do that?

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Have you tried the clone() method? It copies the entire data of a cv::mat. –  karlphillip Nov 12 '11 at 21:14
That's my initial approach, but I only want a subset of the cv::Mat cloned :) –  4501 Nov 12 '11 at 21:19

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Quoting OpenCV 2.3 online documentation use this constructor to create rectangular region of interest of a cv::Mat:

// select a ROI
Mat roi(img, Rect(10,10,100,100));

and then to make a deep copy do:

Mat deepRoiExplorer=roi.clone();
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You can use Mat::clone() to copy a ROI to a new image, or you can create the target image yourself and use Mat::copyTo():

Mat source...;        // your source image
Rect sourceRect(...); // your ROI

// using clone
Mat target = source(sourceRect).clone();

// using copyTo
Mat target(sourceRect.size(), source.type());
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