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I'm building a silverlight pivot viewer collection which contains html descriptions; however the html markup is showing up in the description.

Does silverlight's pivot viewer support html descriptions? If so please reference a tutorial.

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PivotViewer does not support HTML out of the box. Depending on your the version you are running there are solutions to resolve this, by creating a custom detail pane.

If you are using the v1 PivotViewer there is no API for customizing the detail pane. However, if you take a look at PivotViewer Lessons you find an example of how to replace the detail pane.

In the SL5 version, it's much easier to replace the detail pane. I have a blog post on doing that here on my blog : SL5 PivotViewer Custom Detail Pane

Then you can add a control to in your detail pane to parse out the HTML.

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Thanks! This is just what I wanted. – user220583 Nov 13 '11 at 14:38

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