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And how they help you improve your programming ? Could they be integrated in IDE and if yes how ?

Edit: Thanks to altCognito There has been almost duplicate question before named: What's in Your Utility Tookit**. "Allmost" since the listings there do not provide short explanations of what exactly each tool does Edit: If this question stays and you want to add a new tool please please according tool's popularity

A simple tool listing

  • grep for powerful text searching
  • ArsClip - it remembers the last n amount of entries in the ClipBoard. The shortcut combination Ctrl + Shift + Z , 2 gives you the second last copied text ( or object ) from the Windows Clipboard. Never heard of it being somehow used within VS , neither have I missed such an integration ...
  • Process Explorer - for killing unwanted processes ( VS Online Help for example ) + vast grip of overall system info on Windows
  • Paint.NET - use this often for writing or tweaking graphics (Visual Studio provides little in the way of decent graphics editing). Paint.NET is great for making transparent PNGs or GIFs - click the "Magic wand" tool to select the area you want to make transparent, and then hit Delete

You could find a broader list on my blog ...

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Expresso: excellent free and stable tool for regular expressions

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  • VisualSVN plugin for Visual Studio - SVN integration within VS.Net
  • myGeneration - for code generation
  • CCTray - for getting real-time updates on CruiseControl builds
  • SQL 2005 query analyzer, ofcourse for queries
  • jquery add-in for Visual Studio for jquery methods intellisense
  • Resharper - for error highlight on the fly & several other features
  • watIn test recorder - for recording test scripts
  • nUnit - for executing unit test cases
  • InBuilt code snippets
  • XML to Schema - specifically for VB.net in VS 2008
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Paint.NET and Notepad++.

Paint.NET - use this often for writing or tweaking graphics (Visual Studio provides little in the way of decent graphics editing). Paint.NET is great for making transparent PNGs or GIFs - click the "Magic wand" tool to select the area you want to make transparent, and then hit Delete.

NotePad++ for the ability to right-click any file of any size and view its raw contents - bypassing the default viewer for the file.

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The fact that Transmit will let me edit live on the server is an absolute godsend.

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One of my favourites is a teensy perl script I wrote that drops formatting from text so I can cut (from email or word doc) and paste the plain text sans foppery.

And here it is;

# Ridiculously simple, but very useful.
use Win32::Clipboard;
my $text = Win32::Clipboard::GetText() or exit;
Win32::Clipboard($text) if $text;
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Funny I did sometimes this one: package removeEnters ; use strict ; use warnings ; use Win32::Clipboard ; main(); #action !!! sub main { local $/; # enable localized slurp mode my $text = Win32::Clipboard::Get(); #get the text from the clipboard #added the logic to remove the enters only in paragraphs $text =~s/\r\n([a-z])/ $1/g ; #remove the enters out of it $text=~s/(—End—|ATTENTION)/\n\n$1\n/gi ; print "the text is \n" ; print "$text" ; Win32::Clipboard::Set("$text"); } 1; END –  YordanGeorgiev May 1 '09 at 10:36

Evernote. Mainly because it's automatic syncorisation allows me to easily view and alter all my notes in the office, at home or anywhere else that I have a web connection.

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Refactoring Plugin for Eclipse that I am working on. Hopefully it will allow you to easily break up large classes suffering from too many methods/fields into smaller ones. Theory is that methods using similar fields belong together according to the Single Responsibility Principle.

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Windows Sidebar for those sticky notes. good for quick copy and pasting code.

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  • debugview : for catching debug messages.
  • notepad2 : excellent notepad replacement.
  • regulator : regular expressions editor and tester.
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  • Visual Assit X - This has a lot of small things that make editing source in Visual Studio better. The install intergrates it seemlessly with the IDE.
  • IncrediBuild - This will split your C/C++ compile over several machines and or processors. It's a great way to utilize those old machines laying around, and multiple processors. The install intergrates it seemlessly with the IDE.
  • Includes - Shows all the header files a given file includes. I intergrate it by adding it to the external tools list in the IDE.
  • Unlocker - When you fail to delete or rename a file or directory because it is locked this program automagically pops up a window showing what programs have it locked. I don't intergrate this with the IDE.
  • Beyond Compare - Compare files or folders. I've replaced Visual Source Safe's default compare program with Beyond Compare.
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Firebug and Web Development Toolbar (both for Firefox)-- no web developer should be without them.

Firebug lets you examine the structure of a document and edit the HTML/CSS on the fly. It also lets you see the JavaScript involved.

Web Development Toolbar lets you disable CSS and the cache. It lets you reset cookies.

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Ack: As its domain name implies, Ack is better than grep. Mind-numbingly better than grep. So much better than grep that makes the original grep look brain-damaged.

I couldn't live without Ack.

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2nd for BeyondCompare. Inexpensive, powerful and available for Linux.

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  • Mylyn -- task focused interface for Eclipse
  • Foglyn -- for accessing FogBugz cases from Eclipse/Mylyn (shameless plug)
  • Fiddler2 -- HTTP debugger, essential tool
  • CLCL -- Clipboard history
  • Faststone Screen Capture -- for making great screenshots
  • Paint.NET -- for editing screenshots or icons
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