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I have Oracle 11g XE installed on computer A. I can connect through the sql command line using the command connect username/password. I also can send SQL instructions to the Demo database: Select * from demo_customers;

The database is running on localhost of computer A.

I want computer B to connect to computer A's database on localhost. How can I do that?

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You will need to run the lsnrctl utility on server A to start the listener. You would then connect from computer B using the following syntax:

sqlplus username/password@hostA:1521 /XE

The port information is optional if the default of 1521 is used.

Listener configuration documentation here. Remote connection documentation here.

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Its quite easy on computer a you don't need to do anything just make sure both system are on same network if its not internet access(for this you need static ip). Okay now on computer b go to start menu find configuration under oracle folder click Net Configuration Assistant under that folder when window pop up click Local net configuration option it must be third option.

Now click add and click next in next screen it will ask service name here you need to add oracle global database name of computer A(Normally I use oracle86 for my installation) now click next next screen choose protocol normally its tcp click next in host name enter computer A's name you can found that in my computer properties. Click next don't change port untill you have changed that in Computer A click next and choose test connection now here you can check your connection working or not if the error is username and password not correct then click login credential button and fill correct username and password. If its saying unable to reach computer ot target not found than you must add exception in firewall for 1521 port or just disable firewall on computer A.

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I've made a documentation on how to Make-Oracle-Database-accessible-to-Internet

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Perfect! Thank you Tuyen! Saved me another day of banging my head against the wall! –  Dims Jan 9 at 9:14

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