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I have a list of length n. Each item of the list need to be written to n .txt files. For some reason the following, basic approach isn't working for me:

for item in lst:
     for i in range(len(lst)):
         write_to_me = open('list_item_%i.txt' %i, 'w') 

The file names are fine ('list_item_0.txt', 'list_item_1.txt', etc.) but the SAME item is being written to each file. So I end up with n files with duplicate contents in each file. Any ideas?

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Don't use nested loops. Use enumerate to get both the index and the item:

 for i, item in enumerate(lst):
     write_to_me = open('list_item_{0}.txt'.format(i), 'w') 

Sidenote: Don't forget to close the files when you have finished using them!

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Thanks, that did it :-) – Renklauf Nov 13 '11 at 0:36

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