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I have a legacy EJB application running on jboss 4.2.3GA. The ejb-jar.xml was defined way back and has some mixups. e.g. a session ejb is declared to use bean managed transaction first and later in same xml under assembly-descriptor container-transaction some of the methods are declared as well. I assume it was expected that BMT and CMT can be mixed up. Now that we are trying to transistion to EJB3 using annotations its obviously not possible to do the same. What we want to do is understand the state of transaction type in which the current application runs so that we can make determination.

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I suspect the trans-attributes will be ignored for Bean, but I would know what JBoss does without testing. Was that your question? –  bkail Nov 13 '11 at 18:48
Sort of. Basically i need to map my legacy app to EJB3 annotations. And in the first round i just want to do direct mapping without questioning or changing the existing system which is working. So if I need to map a BMT session bean where in past people also declared some methods to use trans-attribute as required i need to know if JBoss was ignoring it and letting it go by auto commit or so. So in annotations mapping i will go ahead and declare BMT. (Later we will need to carefully look at each methods and re organize it properly) –  Jeegar Shah Nov 14 '11 at 18:53

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