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How many concurrent connections do the express editions allow?

My front end uses standard ADO.Net code where I open the connection to the server, get my data, and then close the connection. Am I right in saying that as soon as the connection is closed, it then allows this connection to be opened by another user?

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The express editions of SQL Server don't cap the number of concurrent connections - they exert limitations in other ways - such as the maximum size of the database (4GB), CPU sockets (1) and amount of memory (1GB).

More info here.

You are right in saying that when a connection is closed, its resources are released immediately. The only caveat on this is connection pooling in .NET.

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connection pooling means that you can server multiple web requests from different users without having to bring up & tear down individual SQL Server connections. This is a good thing! – Nick Kavadias May 1 '09 at 14:07

.net handles all of that for you. It creates a connection pool per unique connection string and your DB calls will share the connection. .Net does not really open/close real connections when you call conn.Open() , the connection pooling handles that.

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