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I am looking for a library to read meta data from compressed and uncompressed audio files (i.e. mp3, ogg, etc.). In the past I have used libvorbis and id3lib, but I'm wondering if there are better libraries around? Ideally I would like a library that provides a common API to reading meta data from all the various formats. I realize more advanced libraries probably have id3lib and libvorbis as dependencies, and I don't mind that, I just would like to avoid having to write my own wrapper.

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TagLib seems like a good candidate.

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or taglib-sharp for c# implementation. – Rick Ratayczak May 31 '09 at 4:43
TagLib has no AAC support, MediaInfo has. – Camilo Martin Dec 18 '09 at 5:04

It's part of the symbian API, but it seems to do what you wanted, so check this out as well:

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