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I am trying to display a list of products available on a public-facing website. When a user clicks on a product, I want to display details about that product.

I saw some websites (even Stack Overflow) that display a separate page for each thread. I know this website uses MVC, but I am using a basic ASP.NET web application.

I want do the samething for my product details page. For example, www.mywebsite.com/product-ipod.html or www.mywebsite.com/product-ipod

Can anyone tell me how to do that using ASP.NET?

Other existing samples,

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You are looking for Routing. Read this article.

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Hi, sorry for late reply.I still have doubt. I am displaying the products in well formatted grid. In each html table title I am displaying the 'product title' and hyperlink (which is an external vendor website). sample: tinyurl.com/dkmwd My scenario is not like store.com/products.aspx?category=books store.com/products.aspx?category=DVDs mine is, demo.com (default.aspx) Can you help? –  CoolArchTek Nov 20 '11 at 18:05
I got the answer for my question. Thanks –  CoolArchTek Nov 22 '11 at 21:56

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