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I have a scenario like this:

Scenario:  Display some articles
  Given the following article pages:
    | title | body        |
    | test  | hello world |

I have seen some people create xxx_steps.rb and then generate the data on the fly.

When cucumber runs, does it run by default with RAILS_ENV=test? Will it load seeds.rb for each run with a fresh test db? If not, how can I make it so it does?

Also, does cucumber load all the files in /step_definitions or is there some sort of convention that it loads any files that match the current feature file?

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To generate data on the fly I would advise you to use the factory_girl gem. You can generate fields automatically while having control about others.

In this case I have two Arrays of names (first_names and last_names) and I will randomly create Contact objects.

FactoryGirl.define do

  factory :contact do
    name {"#{first_names.sample} #{last_names.sample}"}
    email  {"#{name.downcase.gsub!(' ', '.')}"}
    vat_number {rand(9999999), rand(9).to_s)}
    gender {['male', 'female'].sample}
    birth_date { - rand(200..40000)}

Then to create an contact I just need FactoryGirl.create(:contact) for a single record. You can adapt this example to fit your needs.

In your case, you can use your table like this:

Given /^the following article pages:$/ do |table|
   table.hashes.each do |hash|
   FactoryGirl.create(:article, hash
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