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I need a modular design for new version of my web application project which I'm planning to design like this: ---> baz module ---> bar module ---> admin module
and so on...

I'm asked to design it with a single layout which will have a navigation on top and that will change the highlighted link for active module. But for admin module, I need a different layout. Also, all these modules will use static files, like images, js, and css files from a folder.

Is there a quick and appropriate way to design this structure without using URL routing?

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You should be able to use your example routing by default. Check out the docs on modules. You should be able to use a module bootstrap to change the layout for your admin module:


You may even be able to use a module specific configuration (not certian about this):

resources.layout.layout = "layout" 
admin.resources.layout.layout = "admin" 

Highlighting the link of the active page is pretty trivial:

<?php $active = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->getRequest()->getModuleName();?>
  <?php foreach($modules as $module => $display): ?>
    <span class='tab<?if($module == $active):?> highlight<?php endif; >?'>
      <a href='<?php echo $this->url(array('module' => $module))?>'>
        <?php echo $display; ?>
  <?php endforeach; ?>

Or you could use Zend_Navigation, which allows generating navigation based on modules/controllers/actions.

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