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I have a scenario where I need to modify certain functions within my plugin. So I thought I can change the files within the vendor/plugins/ folder. But then I realized that my installed gems code has been used by rails instead of vendor/plugins/. I thought of removing the gem from my gemlist but that throws an error. So how can I redirect my rails to use the plugins within vendor/plugins/ folder instead of my gems?

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Try, per the bundler doc:

gem [gem name], :path => [path]


gem "rails", :path => "vendor/rails"
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Try monkey patching instead of modifying plugins/gems directly. I monkey patch them in the lib/ folder and config.auto_load it in my environment. It's not too bad, just make sure it's in the same modules, and has the same method name. For instance, to override a string method, you could do something like:

class String
  def method_to_override
    super # if you want to still use the original method

I recommend trying to stay away from directly modifying anything directly.

Also, if I'm using bundled gems, I usually bundle exec command, but I think that still loads the gems out of the path I chose. I have rarely used plugins as of late.

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