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I have written a timer application that passes a speechTime from an IBAction and counts down to 0. There are five distinct speechTimes, and a toggler button that will stop the speech time countdown. I would like to be able to disable the buttons that are not the IBAction pressed while the timer is counting down (to prevent resetting the speechTime).

I currently have several [speechButton setEnable:NO] and [... setEnable:YES] calls, and they all work the way I expect; but i suspect it's poor memory management and makes for really nasty looking code. I would like to implement something like an NSSet of all the buttons, and enable / disable them using only one method so that i end up with [buttons disable]/[buttons enable].

I played around with something like this:


@implement TimerViewController{
NSButton *buttonA, *buttonB, *buttonC; 
@property (retain, readonly) NSSet *hijackableButtons;


@synthesize hijackableButtons;
//blah blah blah
hijackableButtons = [NSSet setWithObjects:*buttonA,*buttonB,*buttonC,nil];

for (id buttons in hijackableButtons){
    if (buttons isKindOfClass:[NSButton class]){
        [buttons setEnabled:NO];

But this doesn't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Have a look at IBOutletCollection which is defined for this situation.

Have a look a this example.

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That thing look awesome. –  VinceBurn Nov 13 '11 at 3:39
This is a really good suggestion! unfortunately, iOS4 implemented this, but it has yet to be implemented for Mac OS X development apparently. stackoverflow.com/questions/4820804/… –  cecilgol Nov 19 '11 at 22:34

See -enumerateObjectsUsingBlock: in the NSSet documentation.

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I agree with NSResponder check for the -enumarateObjectUsingBlock: I was not convince about Block until I used a method like that one.

BUT for your code, this is your problem

hijackableButtons = [NSSet setWithObjects:*buttonA,*buttonB,*buttonC,nil];

rewrite it like this

hijackableButtons = [NSSet setWithObjects:buttonA, buttonB, buttonC, nil];

Reomove the * that are not needed here.

I'm assuming that your are created in the bla bla section of your init method.
If they are IBOutlet, this code don't belong in your init method.

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