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I'm stuck at a point in making mutual friends code for my website. I have read some of the posts here but it didn't help.

here is my mysql query:

select *
from friend_list
where uid='7'
   and status=1
   and friend_id !='3'
select *
from friend_list
where uid='3'
   and status=1
   and friend_id !='7' 

this displays all the friends of login user and the friends of the profile i visit. output is this ----

  id    uid     friend_id      status
  36    7         4              1
  39    7         5              1
  40    7         8              1
  1     3         4              1

from this table i want the freind_id 4 only as this is mutual.

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FROM friend_list AS f
INNER JOIN friend_list AS mf ON f.friend_id = mf.friend_id
WHERE f.uid = 7
   AND f.status = 1
   AND mf.uid = 3
   AND mf.status = 1
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Instead of the SELECT *, you will probably just want SELECT f.friend_id to pull data into your application. –  Adam Wenger Nov 13 '11 at 4:57
hello thanks for the help . your query helped me a lot . thanks it worked like a charm . i ws stuck on this from 5 hours . thank you –  Sakshi Sharma Nov 13 '11 at 5:08

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