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I'm VERY new to Ruby, so please forgive me. I created a method funny_sort that sorts an array naturally and then returns the new array,

def funny_sort(the_array)
    the_array = new_array.each {|s| s.gsub /\D/, ""}
    the_array = new_string.each{|s| s.to_i}
    the_array = new_string.sort_by{|s| s.gsub /\D/, ""}
    return the_array

    w = ['app100le', 'car10rot', 'banana']
puts w.funny_sort

but when I run the program in Command prompt with Ruby and Rails, I get the following error:

sort.rb:10in '<main>': private method 'funny_sort' called for ["app1001e", "carrot10", "banana"]:Array <NoMethodError>

What am I doing wrong?


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You're trying to call it on an array, instead of passing it the array.

funny_sort w  # Or with parens...

You may have another issue with that new_array and new_string in there, though, and I suspect that .each does not return what you believe it does.

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