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I am researching for EIP/ESB solution to use in my project. The first reason is to decouple modules and different sub systems, also refactor some parts to be easy integrated with 3th party systems. And in future i think that i will need a lot of the EIP like filtering, splitting etc. I have checked the apache camel + service mix, spring integration. I know about tibco and mule too. Service mix + camel provide rich stack of components and protocols, but isn't it tied with activeMQ broker. What if i need to use tibco jms implementation if future? Spring Integration - is it ESB or not? I definitely need some of the pipes(channels) to be in memory for local JVM messaging between some modules, and distributed when messaging is in cluster. Besides that, is SI tied to any jms implementation?

So Requirements: -Message routing in local and distributed way -Easy switching of JMS implementation e.g. now ActiveMQ, after that may be tibco -Lightweight -Simple -Full set of standart protocols, components and adaptors - I will not need any thing like twitter, gae and something like that

Also can SI be a distributed ESB like ServiceMix? I am using spring IoC, Can i use SI with any other ESB like Mule? Is there any features from using Spring + SI?

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Most of the EIPs/use cases mentioned above can be implemented by using WSO2 ESB[1]. WSO2 is a 100% open source SOA Platform which comes under apache 2 license (also available in the cloud ). Almost all the requirements mentioned by you were available out of the box as samples that you can try out[2]. If you want to different soa solution as a Business Process Server, Data Service or an Application Server, then all those products are available in WSO2 SOA stack.

[1] http://wso2.org/library/esb [2] http://wso2.org/project/esb/java/4.0.0/docs/samples_index.html

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Camel is not tied to ActiveMQ.

Camel works with any JMS broker, using its camel-jms component. http://camel.apache.org/jms

Although there is an extended JMS component that has been optimized for ActiveMQ http://camel.apache.org/activemq

And yes I think Camel + SMX is a powerful combo that supports the needs your write. It has all the EIPs and Components you need http://camel.apache.org/eip http://camel.apache.org/components

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I think SMX is tied to AMQ? I intend to use SI for now as it is more lightweight and many things come out of the box with spring framework. In case i need stand alone ESB i SMX provides integration with SI. –  dimitar Dec 14 '11 at 19:42
You can also use just Camel, its an integration framework like SI. –  Claus Ibsen Dec 15 '11 at 7:36

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