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I would like to have a form for entering tags (like the tag "symfony-2.0" in this post). Somthing like the field below would be great, but for starting it would be enough to have a text field with semicolon- or comma- separated values that go into an n:m relationship in a database.

Unfortunatly it is really hard to search for this, as virtually everything contains the word tag :)

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There is a bundle that does most of the heavy lifting for you...


You will have to implement the client-side form control (jquery based probably), but could use something like jQuery TagIt

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FPNTagBundle has no integration with CRUD forms. It seems hard; there is an open ticket from 2012-05. –  Olav Jun 12 '13 at 13:00

This may also be what you're looking for:

How to Embed a Collection of Forms

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