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OS: IBM i v6.1 Database: DB2

I would like to get a Result Table form a Select statement, and then move it into a physical file.

What I have tried:

I was hoping to use (per http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_select_into.asp)

SELECT column_name(s)
INTO new_table_name [IN externaldatabase]
FROM old_tablename 

unfortunately per the IBM Manual: "DB2 for i SQL reference"

The SELECT INTO statement produces a result table consisting of at most one row, and assigns the values in that row to variables.

So then I thought maybe I could use:

The INSERT statement inserts rows into a table or view

There are three forms of this statement:  

1. The INSERT using fullselect form is used to insert one or more rows into the table or view using values from other tables or views.

unfortunately it does not seem to work for me.

INSERT INTO <tablename> 
FROM ( Select (*) FROM <querytableA>
       Select (*) FROM <querytableB>)

I am able to move a result table into a physical file, but to do this I have to declare a cursor and then with a do while write to the physical file, 1 record at a time.

I consider this "ugly and unelegant" and was hoping to be able to use a "Select into" or a "INSERT into" statment.

Q: Please help me to "dump" the result table into a physical file with 1 elegant statement.

Warm Regards, Christoff

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If you want to create the table automatically you can also use the following form:

CREATE TABLE new_table_name 
AS (SELECT * FROM <querytableA> 
    UNION SELECT * FROM <querytableB>) WITH DATA

Note that you can create a view over the query to dynamically build the result set on demand. The view can then be referenced from any HLL as a logical file:

CREATE VIEW new_table_name
AS SELECT * FROM <querytableA>
   UNION SELECT * FROM <querytableB>
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Thanks, got "my" table created with Data in it. Much Appreciated. –  ZS6JCE Nov 13 '11 at 17:48

Here is the correct syntax:

INSERT INTO <dest_table> 
Select * FROM <querytableA>
Select * FROM <querytableB>

For this to work, <dest_table> must already exist and have columns compatible with those in <querytableA> and <querytableB>.

See "Inserting rows using a select-statement" for more info.

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This is exactly what I wanted to do. But I some how got the columns wrong in the table I created. Thanks to a combination of both your and @JamesA's answers I was able to solve the problem. –  ZS6JCE Nov 13 '11 at 17:58

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