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I am writing a trigger to check if an employee is allocated to two flights that overlap.

It would be something like:

select flight_id from flight 
where arrival_time > :new.departure_time
and departure_time < :new.arrival_time;

if flight_id is empty 
  [do nothing]
if flight_id exists
  [raise application error]

Can anyone help me out in how I would have to code the conditional logic there? This is my first time working with oracle (university coursework).

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SELECT ... INTO is your friend. It will raise an exception, you catch it, do nothing, otherwise and raise your own error.

select flight_id into v
from flight 
where arrival_time > :new.departure_time
and departure_time < :new.arrival_time;
raise_application_error(-20000, 'not good');
  then return 1
 when others
   then raise_application_error(-20011,'really good');
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   V_some_varible  NUMBER;
   Seclect 1 into v_some_varible from dual where 1 = 0;
EXCEPTION  -- exception handlers begin
      INSERT INTO errors (message) VALUES ('no data found');
   WHEN OTHERS THEN  -- handles all other errors

Note the 1 = 0 to force the no data found exception. This example should work in any Oracle database with the exception of the insert into an errors table.

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