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I have a system fedora 15 with xfce window manager.

I installed an inotify util to play with.

I want to control, what happens with my files during my work process. There is a command which i use today for running inotify

inotifywait --fromfile ~/list.inotify

That command easy read a list of folders and files to read and to ignore. There is my list (list.inotify)



So it should read my home folder and ignore Torrents folder and .pulse-cookie file.

It ignores Torrents as well. But it won't ignore a .pulse-cookie file.

Any solution for this ? (please don't post a solution to use pattern based ignore, i want to work with a file list with absolute path's)

$man inotify
          When watching a directory tree recursively, exclude the specified file from being watched.  The file must be specified with a relative or absolute path according to whether a relative or absolute path is given for watched directories.  If a  specific
          path is explicitly both included and excluded, it will always be watched.

          Note: If you need to watch a directory or file whose name starts with @, give the absolute path.

   --fromfile <file>
          Read filenames to watch or exclude from a file, one filename per line.  If filenames begin with @ they are excluded as described above.  If <file> is `-', filenames are read from standard input.  Use this option if you need to watch too many files to
          pass in as command line arguments.
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If you don't specify a -e argument, inotifywait will call inotify_add_watch with IN_ALL_EVENTS, which causes events to occur for files inside watched directories - note that inotify(7) says:

When monitoring a directory, the events marked with an asterisk (*) above can occur for files in the directory, in which case the name field in the returned inotify_event structure identifies the name of the file within the directory.

If you have a look at the inotifywait code in question, you'll see that it only watches (and checks the exclude list against) directories. It would perhaps be a bit more user friendly if you were warned when specifying an exclusion that is not a directory or one that is never used, but that's the way it currently it is.

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im sorry, there is a manual quote updated in original post – RusAlex Nov 13 '11 at 14:24

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