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I'm trying to use weka API in my java code. I use J48 tree classification to Classify my dataset in MySQL database, but I have this error:

Trying to add database driver (JDBC): RmiJdbc.RJDriver - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
Trying to add database driver (JDBC): jdbc.idbDriver - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
Trying to add database driver (JDBC): com.mckoi.JDBCDriver - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
Trying to add database driver (JDBC): org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver - Error, not in CLASSPATH?
weka.core.UnassignedClassException: weka.classifiers.trees.j48.C45PruneableClassifierTree: Class attribute not set!
        at weka.core.Capabilities.test(Capabilities.java:1086)
        at weka.core.Capabilities.test(Capabilities.java:1018)
        at weka.core.Capabilities.testWithFail(Capabilities.java:1297)

This is my code:

       DatabaseLoader loader = new DatabaseLoader();
       loader.setQuery("select * from data_training");
      Instances data = loader.getDataSet();


        String[] options = new String[1];
        options[0] = "U"; // unpruned tree
        J48 tree = new J48(); // new instance of tree
       tree.setOptions(options); // set the option
       tree.buildClassifier(data); // build classifier
       //Evaluation eval=new Evaluation(data);
       //eval.crossValidateModel(tree, data, 10, new Random(1));
       //jTextArea1.append(eval.toSummaryString("\n HASILNYA \n", false));

 }catch(IOException ioe){ioe.printStackTrace();}
        catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}

The dataset actually appears in the textarea:

@relation data_training

@attribute Tmean numeric
@attribute Tmax numeric
@attribute Td numeric
@attribute RH numeric
@attribute SLP numeric
@attribute STP numeric
@attribute Wind_ave numeric
@attribute Wind_max numeric
@attribute Hujan {Y,T}


I would to know why the error appear(Class Attribute Not Set!!)

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i also use Metaclassifier. but i have the similar error:class index(not set)! –  Angga Raditya Nov 14 '11 at 9:48

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You should set class index of for your dataset before passing it into classifier. Your classifier must know which is your outcome variable.
//Rest of your code
loader.setQuery("select * from data_training"); Instances data = loader.getDataSet(); //add this line here
data.setClassIndex(instances.numAttributes() - 1);
//if Hujan is your class attribute(outcome variable)

See api Doc for more Info : http://weka.sourceforge.net/doc/weka/core/Instances.html

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@Angga Raditya i suggest you accept this answer. –  Gary Tsui Sep 19 '13 at 12:48
@iinception Can you tell me what is the use of classIndex ? –  Umer Farooq Mar 7 '14 at 15:21

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