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I tried following this http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/an-introduction-to-the-raphael-js-library/ tutorial, but it does not work exactly with Raphael 2.0.
I worked around it for most parts, but I'm lost at step 8.

All I want to do is animate some circles by some variable-values...
My Problem is basically this:

paper.rect(250,250,20,20).animate({transform: "t0,100"}, 2000); //works
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({transform: "t0,100"}, 2000); //works

paper.rect(250,250,20,20).animate({x:250,y:250+100}, 2000); //works
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({x:250,y:250+100}, 2000); // doesn't work
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({x:250,y:350}, 2000);    // doesn't work either

var someTrans = 100;

paper.rect(250,250,20,20).animate({transform: "t0,someTrans"}, 2000); //doesn't work
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({transform: "t0,someTrans"}, 2000); //doesn't work

paper.rect(250,250,20,20).animate({x:250,y:250+someTrans}, 2000); //works
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({x:250,y:250+someTrans}, 2000); // doesn't work

Can someone please give me a nudge in the right direction?
Since Raphael changed its transfrom-behaviour from version to version it's kind of hard to find it on my own... -.-

(Can't really understand why circle behaves so differently from rect anyway... doesn't make much sense to me... =/
I'm using Opera 11.52 in case that makes any difference...?)

Thanks & Greetz, Ky.

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The variable does not get automatically replaced. You need to concatenate the string and the number, like this:

paper.rect(250,250,20,20).animate({transform: "t0," + someTrans}, 2000); //doesn't work
paper.circle(250,250,20).animate({transform: "t0," + someTrans}, 2000); //doesn't work

And for the circles: You have to speciy all three properties x, y and r, then the animation works. Try:


on the RaphaelJs Playground


Updated answer, see slebetman's comment

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concatenate: perfect! Well... except for that being a weird syntax to do it in the first place... but as far as an answer goes, that's exactly what I needed, thank you! :) For the circles: when I specify all three properties, r gets animated but x and y still couldn't care less... but (currently) doesn't matter for me, so... shruggs Greetz, Ky. –  Sister_Ky Nov 13 '11 at 20:55
For circles the coordinates are not x and y but instead are cx and cy. Yes it's stupid but that's how it works. –  slebetman Dec 14 '11 at 7:11

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