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Model A has a ForeignKey to model B - I would like to fetch A instances and compare them to each other where the key to B is one of the comparison parameters.

Django defers fetching B related info, so if I want to optimize my code and fetch in advance the info I need I can do one of the following:

  • Use .select_related('B') - which will fetch all related B instances
  • Use .select_related('B__id') - which will fetch only the ids of all related B instances

AFAIK both require a join, where all I really needed was A.B_id which is a column in the database, as that is all I wanted to compare.

Am I missing something straightforward here?What am I missing here? Can I fetch A.B_id directly? Is

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Firstly, your assertion is wrong: select_related('B__id') doesn't do anything. The double-underscore in a select_related call is only for following subsequent joins: so if B had a ForeignKey to C, select_related('B__C') would follow the second JOIN as well.

Secondly, I'm confused by your optimisation requirement. As you say, you just want B_id: so no JOIN is required, and neither is any optimisation. If you just get your A objects in the normal way, you can refer to the b_id field on each of them directly:

a_objects = A.objects.all()
for obj in a_objects:
    print a.b_id

Here only a single db call is made, with no JOINs.

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