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I have got a choose file in my applescript. How do I change the title of the Choose a File window that comes up. I am aware of with prompt, but it doesn't change the title.

Edit: ulvund answered I'm afraid with prompt is the best you can do, but are there any other ways to get a choose file without applescript? Also, are there any hacks?

Edit 2: Red_Menace answered (look below) but are there any good tutorials on how to do this in Cocoa-Applescript?

P.S. Look at my comments.

Edit 3: I have put this into another question.

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The dialog in plain AppleScript doesn't have that option, but you can access various Cocoa methods in Snow Leopard and Lion using AppleScriptObjC. In Lion, you can create a Cocoa-AppleScript Applet from the template in the AppleScript Editor, then create your own dialog, for example using NSOpenPanel.

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Any good tutorials on how to do this in Cocoa-Applescript? –  gadgetmo Nov 14 '11 at 16:13

I'm afraid with prompt is the best you can do:


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An answer to the edited question: You can use Automator.

Ask for Finder Items action in Files & Folders library will show the choose file dialog. You can change the title of the dialog of this action.

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i would use automator, but you can't do an if in the Run Applescript and then do an automator action. Or can you? –  gadgetmo Nov 14 '11 at 15:59

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