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I want to open up a git repo to translate user documentations which belong to a project that hosted on github. Couple of people will also contribute to it via pull requests. I want my repository to contain only user documentation directory and also, track that directory on the origin. This way, I am hoping to keep up with the changes to documentation in mainstream, thus keeping the translation up to date. I am not sure if this is even possible, but I would like to learn how if possible.

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Git can generally only work on the complete repository, so unless your documentation directory is a submodule (and therefore basically a complete git repository linked into the main repo) that's not possible. You should be able to use gits sparse checkout see here to checkout only a part of the repo, but you will still have a copy of the whole repo locally.

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It is not, unless it's a submodule, in which case it's not directory, but rather a repository integrated in the project.

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