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I have a 4x2 array of 2D vertices generated by OpenCV for a Square marker. I want to use these coordinates in OpenGL coordinate system to draw a 2D Quad in the exact location of the marker. How to do this?

Here's my code, as you can see below that the 2D quad is drawn smaller than the marker.

// 'CvMat* dstPoints2D' is generated using cvProjectPoints2()
glVertex2f((float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[2], (float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[3]); // right, bottom
glVertex2f((float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[0], (float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[1]); //Left, bottom
glVertex2f((float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[4], (float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[5]); // left, top      
glVertex2f((float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[6], (float)dstPoints2D->data.fl[7]); // right, top

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Could you post the 4 (x, y) pairs for each rectangle? –  mevatron Nov 14 '11 at 14:35
I captured these coordinates at a random moment. These vary each time I move the camera. (x,y) coordinates found in dstPoints2D (50.8629, 95.2119), (42.4225, 199.088), (161.459, 94.3529), (159.245, 197.341) –  coder9 Nov 15 '11 at 2:17
+1 for your interest. Maybe it's an issue with camera calibration (intrinsic, distortion coeff matrices). My question is this: The above shape has been drawn using glVertex2f (in 2D space of OpenGL). **How to use matrices generates in OpenCV to draw a 3D object and place it in the exact location in OpenGL? ** –  coder9 Nov 15 '11 at 2:24

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It seems that you're not having the same coordinate system (CS). Your OpenCV vertices are 2D. You'll need to first calibrate the OpenGL CS and second apply a size factor. You would want to do this using only 2 points (extremum points of one of your square sides or diagnoals). Otherwise you'il need a more complex algorithm to fit using all the vertices informations you have (in case your square become something else, e.g., lozenge).

The easy way is to add a translation factor to your OpenGL square CS for the first point + a size factor and the direction :)

I guess your OpenGL scene is in ortho (orthographic) mode and your square remain a square and not a lozenge.

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