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Firefox 3 stores the bookmarks in a sqlite database. There are several hacked sqlite java libraries available. Is there a way to hack the sqlite database in java(not using libraries) to read bookmarks reliably? Does someone know how the sqlite DB is stored and access programmatically (from java)?

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You need the SQLite JDBC driver (this page explains how to run queries on a SQLite database using that driver from within Java).

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I don't know why you need NOT to use a JDBC driver, but there's another possible "solution" depending on your software requirements. In FF3, type in the address bar about:config

Alter the value of property: browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML to true.

This will export your bookmarks in an HTML whenever you close FF. You can then read the HTML. It may or may not solve your problem....

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Although is definitely a good alternative. You only get what Firefox exports. If you connect to the database, you can get everything you like. –  daub815 Dec 14 '08 at 1:13

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