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I am working with Pharo Smalltalk. Suppose you want to save your own group of packages into a local repository, you know that your packages are prefixed with "MyPrefix". What's the right message to do it? In code:

| myPkgs |
myPkgs := MCPackage allInstances select: [: mcPkg | mcPkg name beginsWith: 'MyPrefix' ].
myPkgs do: [ : myPkg | myPkg ??? ].

It would be too difficult to script that one for a web based repository?

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packages := Gofer new allResolved
        collect: [ :each | each packageName ] as: Set.
packages := packages select: [ :e | e beginsWith: 'Prefix' ].

gofer := Gofer new
    directory: '/path/to/repo'.
packages do: [ :p | gofer package: p ].
gofer commit: ''.
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The same way as you load or update a group of packages:

Gofer new
    squeaksource: 'MyProject';
    package: 'MyPrefix-Core';
    package: 'MyPrefix-Tests';

More information you find in this blog post: Gofer — Monticello and Groups of Packages.

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