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I know this is probably really easy and I am just putting to much thought into it but I need to create a Bash script that will convert Celsius to Fahrenheit with this equation: f = (9/5)c+32

How would I do this? Using just expr doesn't work because it won't use floating point. How do I do this equation? Using bc?

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If you want to use bc try this :

echo "9*$c/5+32" | bc -l
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also: bc -l <<< "9*$c/5+32" – ata Nov 13 '11 at 23:25

You (normally) don't need floating point arithmetic for this to work, if rounding errors are not critical and you don't need floating-point precision:

expr 9 '*' $c / 5 + 32 
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This would be the easiest, I believe:

echo $(($c*9/5+32))

(and yes, floating point will be lost, you may add a couple of zeros and work on the string, tho).

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xdg-open "${TEMP}+C+in+F"

Too silly? Check out

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