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I am making an application for Android using the Google Maps API. I load a map to locate my position, but I have a problem. When I move to another location, I immediately returned my position centered on the screen. I would rather that the map would remain at the point where I have moved.

Here is my code:

private void setCurrentLocation(Location location)
    if(location != null)
        // Aggiorna la location
        Lat = location.getLatitude();
        Long = location.getLongitude();

        int latitudeE6 = (int) Math.floor(Lat * 1.0E6);
        int longitudeE6 = (int) Math.floor(Long * 1.0E6);

        GeoPoint p1 = new GeoPoint(latitudeE6, longitudeE6);
        GeoPoint p2 = new GeoPoint(currentLatitude, currentLongitude);

        // Aggiorna la posizione corrente
        currentLatitude = latitudeE6;
        currentLongitude = longitudeE6;

        // Sposta la posizione corrente sulla mappa di F_Map

        // Calcola i metri appena fatti
        float dist = Distance.getDistance(p1, p2) *1000;

        if(dist > 1) // maggiore di 1 metro
             Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "distance: "+dist,Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                 SendMyPositionToDB(currentLatitude, currentLongitude);
             } catch(IOException e) {
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Can you set:


Instead of p1?

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The problem is not the coordinates. Now the map is moved each time the GPS detects a shift (map.setCenter (); in onChangeLocation ()). I want to make sure that when you touch the screen, the setCenter is disabled and then re-activated when you press a special button. –  user1023571 Nov 14 '11 at 13:48
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