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I've seen many people saying XRCed very strong "if you have learned how to use it". Unfortuntately, there're few documents about it, and many of the links on SF.net home page is 404 now.

The best I can found is XRCed Tutorial, however it is too primitive - so, does anyone have some idea for where can I find better documents about it?

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Just a suggestion; have you tried wxFormBuilder? XRCed seems a little outdated (hasn't been updated for a while), and it does the same thing as wxFB. I've been using wxFB for a while in several projects and it's a life saver.

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Alongside the already mentioned wxFormBuilder, I'm going to throw in wxGlade, as well. While I prefer wxFormbuilders GUI, I found it to be lacking in the available widgets. So I moved to wxGlade based on the amount of widgets it offers.

Both can create XRC files (and some other codes like C++ and python) and I think both are actively maintained. I think XRCed hasn't been updated since 2007.

For ease of use, I would go with wxFormBuilder. If you want to use various different widgets, for the moment, go with wxGlade. I don't know if wxFormbuilder is planning on incorporating ToggleButtons and the like in their future releases. It isn't in the one that I am using...

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