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My app has a User model, and a Game model. I want each user to be able to add their own personal set of Game attributes (that are only available/visible to them) aside from the ones I already have predefined.

What's the most 'Rails' way of going about this?

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You'll store per-user settings in the join table between User and Game and then your association between those two models will be a has_many :through - meaning that you'll have a join model giving you access to the attributes.

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+1, was obviously the first thing to suggest – apneadiving Nov 13 '11 at 19:52

I'd advise you to use serialization:


  • it's much flexible and built in

  • you can store data the way you want (even your custom class)


  • it would be hard to get your data back from database if you finally change your web framework.

More doc see here.

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