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I'm writing a simple proxy server for a class, and when using sscanf to parse the HTTP request and deal with it, I get a segfault.

I have char arrays buf that stores the get request, and method, uri and version that store the 3 parts to the request after parsing. They are all 8192 bytes long, because that's the constant we were given to use.

An example of buf is "GET http://www.foo.com HTTP/1.0"

the call I'm making is sscanf(buf, "%s %s %s, method, uri, version);

EDIT oh whoops I misread the line number of the code...here's the method it occurs in.

int parse_uri(char *uri, char *hostname, char *pathname, int *port)
    char *hostbegin;
    char *hostend;
    char *pathbegin;
    int len;

    if (strncasecmp(uri, "http://", 7) != 0) {
    hostname[0] = '\0';
    return -1;

    /* Extract the host name */
    hostbegin = uri + 7;
    hostend = strpbrk(hostbegin, " :/\r\n\0");
    len = hostend - hostbegin;
    strncpy(hostname, hostbegin, len);
    hostname[len] = '\0';

    /* Extract the port number */
    *port = 80; /* default */
    if (*hostend == ':')   
    *port = atoi(hostend + 1);

    /* Extract the path */
    pathbegin = strchr(hostbegin, '/');
    if (pathbegin == NULL) {
    pathname[0] = '\0';
    else {
    strcpy(pathname, pathbegin);

    return 0;

The error occurs at the call to strncpy(hostname, etc) the uri is the same as what was gotten in the sscanf method, hostname is a char array also allocated to 8192 bytes. This code isn't mine but what was given to me to use for my program.

And I won't be putting this out on the real web at all, this will only be used with a few given tests.

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Works for me, indicating that your problem is somehwere else. More sample code? And, please, please, please make sure this never hits the Internet without overflow checking. –  themel Nov 13 '11 at 19:36
*scanf allows a maximum width specifier, so use "%8191s %8191s %8191s" (1 byte is for the terminating NUL). –  ninjalj Nov 13 '11 at 20:04
Yeah, i made a mistake when looking at where the error was. I fixed that and added the right code above –  samwill Nov 13 '11 at 20:31
What is the value of hostname which gets passed to parse_uri()? –  Matthew Cline Nov 13 '11 at 23:38

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