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There appears to be no definitive standardized stack frame and C language calling conventions (register usage and such) for the MIPS-32 Processor Architecture. That is, it appears to be completely up to the assembler/compiler tool chain to define their own stack frame and calling conventions. I've struggled to find a definitive reference of what conventions the GCC compiler uses for MIPS-32 instruction set. I'm specially using GCC cross-compiler on Cygwin that targets a MIPS-32 core being used in an embedded environment on the eCos open source kernel.

Any references to definitive documentation about GCC for MIPS-32 in this area would be appreciated.

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You are right, this is a bit of a mess and is poorly documented. I would recommend:

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Thanks for the references. I have actually looked at the generated code and most of it I have figured out, but it is hard to know I actually have the general case well defined for all the various parameter types and combination, etc. – Tall Jeff May 1 '09 at 17:38

Does this reference on MIPS EABI for RedHat Linux help?

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I'm not into MIPS, but maybe this MIPS ABI History reference might help.

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This link does not work anymore. The new link seems to be: linux-mips.org/wiki/MIPS_ABI_History – antoyo Oct 23 '15 at 1:01

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