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What I am trying to do:
Have one hudson job that asks the user to select the tomcat server ip to deploy the war file.

What I have done:
I created a parameterized hudson job "projectname-deploy" that asks the user to select the server to deploy (dev, staging, live) the war file. In Hudson's deploy plugin field "Tomcat URL" I provided http://${SERVER}:8080/ -- SERVER is the parameter field that contains server IP. However, ${SERVER} is not getting replaced with the ip address the user selected.

Any suggestions on how to get a war deployed to the user selected tomcat server? thanks!

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You could use different profiles for dev, staging and live and activate the profile based on the dropdown selection.

Lets say you had create a choice in the parameterized job called ENVIRONMENT with the choices dev, staging etc. Then you could have profiles in the pom like this...

  repeat with different activations for staging etc.

you can then use the property as you wish to deploy to where you need to.

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I don't want to do it via profiles-- mainly because I don't want to enter server hostname details in the pom file – sdny Nov 23 '11 at 3:07

I ended up using the curl command to deploy the war instead of the war plugin-- server name is build job parameter of type choice, so user can choose what server to deploy the build.

curl --upload-file <path to warfile> "http://<tomcat username>:<tomcat password>@<hostname>:<port>/manager/deploy?path=/<context>&update=true"

I found this thread Tomcat manager remote deploy script helpful

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