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I need explanations.. I using C#.NET to web applications, I always write:

 string val = Request.QueryString["foo"];

and then


What's the difference:

string val = Request.QueryString["foo"];

I was advised to do:

string val = Request.QueryString["foo"] as string;

What's the difference?

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The first is better:

string val = Request.QueryString["foo"];

The second version returns null if the result of the call is not a string, but you know it always will be a string because the QueryString member has type NameValueCollection. The indexer is defined to return a string:

public class NameValueCollection : NameObjectCollectionBase
    // ...
    public string this[string name] { get; set; }
    // ...
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The as string is redundant as Request.QueryString["foo"] already is a string. (So there is no other difference than the second makes you look like you don't know your framework ;-) )

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