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I am facing some design issues concerning the proper nesting of events (dojo/connect) containing further events which themselves contain javascript putting out different html fragments.

Client-side code is generated by php classes, so that escaping different quotes is essential both in php and in javascript.

Hierarchy looks like this:

// some html (table-cells) + dijit widgets
// ...

$o .= '<div dojoType="dijit.form.NumberSpinner" value="' . $somePhpVar1 . '" ...>';
    // some dojo events
    // ...

    $o .= '<script type="dojo/connect" event="onDblClick">';
        $o .= 'if(parseInt(this.get.value(\'value\')) > 0) {';
            $o .= 'dialog1 = new dijit.Dialog({';
                $o .= 'title: \'' . $somePhpVar2 . '\',';
                $o .= 'content: \'';
                    // some html
                    // ...

                    $o .= '<table>';
                        $o .= '<tr>';
                            $o .= '<td style="..." ...>';
                                // some dijit widgets
                                // ...

                                $o .= '<div dojoType="dijit.form.SimpleTextArea" value="' . $somePhpVar3 . '" ...>';
                                    // some dojo events
                                    // ...

                                    $o .= '<script type="dojo/connect" event="onChange">';
                                        // some dojo
                                        // ...

                                        $o .= 'dojo.xhrGet({';
                                            // some dojo (url/load/error)
                                            // ...

                                            $o .= 'dialog2 = new dijit.Dialog({';
                                                $o .= 'title: \'...\',';
                                                $o .= 'content: \'';
                                                    // some html
                                                    // ...

                                                $o .= '\'';
                                            $o .= '});';
                                            $o .= 'dialog2.show();';
                                        $o .= '});';
                                    $o .= '</script>';
                                $o .= '</div>';
                            $o .= '</td>';
                        $o .= '</tr>';
                    $o .= '</table>';
                $o .= '\',';
                $o .= 'style: \'width: auto;\'';
            $o .= '});'
            $o .= 'dialog1.show();';
        $o .= '}';
    $o .= '</script>';
$o .= '</div>';

Somehow the browser output fails at the content: \'...\' point, the dijit.form.NumberSpinner doesn't even show up (although its code is properly generated), the onDblClick event doesn't connect and doesn't even show up in the code.

Browser output:

enter image description here

Normally some dijit.form.NumberSpinner should show up in the table-cells, but the table is completely broken up with some weird code output at strange positions; additionally I get some SyntaxErrors in javascript console saying "bad token" and some _ContentSetter issues.

I assume it all results from a lack of escaping the quotes / double quotes. Is that possible or should the code example work how it's meant to? How can it be done correctly in this case?

FYI: Removing the nested $o .= '<script type="dojo/connect" event="onChange">...</script>'; event of the dijit.form.SimpleTextarea and its content "solves" the problem completely.

The nesting is heavy and really hard to debug - extensive refactoring will be necessary and is planned to resolve it to some acceptable extent. Unfortunately this task doesn't comply with my current schedule.

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Perhaps you should try factoring out the Javascript code instead of mixing everything in... – hugomg Nov 13 '11 at 23:13
Your PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS are all combined! Even if you "fixed" your problem, I'd have no confidence in the code whatsoever. This is a case where refactoring would take less time than debugging. – Richard Ayotte Nov 14 '11 at 2:32

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