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We have a FQL query that used to work and stopped somewhere around Oct 16. No help from Facebook on this.

This code used to work:

    SELECT object_id, metric, end_time, period, value 
      FROM insights 
     WHERE object_id IN
      SELECT page_id 
      FROM page_admin 
      WHERE uid=123
      AND page_id<>456
      AND page_id<>789
AND metric="page_audio_plays"
AND end_time=end_time_date("2011-11-11" ) 
AND period=86400

If I run the inner Select, it returns a large list of page_id's. IF I remove the inner select and replace with a list of comma seperated id's like this:

...where object_id in ( 123, 456, 8778, 999)

The overall query runs.

With the original code above, the query never returns and times out.

Question: Is anyone aware of something on FB side that broke around the middle of October in this regards? Or is there something inherently wrong with doing a subquery like this?

Any suggestions on how to work around?

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Net: query returned TOO much data. If you have this problem, break up the result set somehow so it returns a smaller set of data. Would be nice if API returned some discernable status telling you so but....

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