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Python two lists finding index value

listEx = ['cat *(Select: "Standard")*', 'dog', 'cow', 'turtle *(Select: "Standard")*', 'onion', 'carrot *(select: "Standard")*']
listEx2 = ['house', 'farm', 'cottage', 'cat', 'turtle', 'computer', 'carrot']

for i in listEx2:
    for j in ListEx:
        if i in j:
            print listEx.index(listEx2[i] in listEx[j])

Here is what I am attempting to do. For the items in listEx2, I want to find the index of the item in listEx, where the item in listEx2 was found in listEx. I would like the script to print out the index of the item in listEx with the name.


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I might need some further clarification on this!

I think you're mixing things up a bit here.

When you do for i in listEx2:, in each iteration, i is the value of the position in the list, NOT the index!

If you just need the index where elements occur, then why not something like:

for i in listEx2:
    if i in listEx:
        print listEx.index(i)

This will print the index of matching ocurrences, you can concatenate the value itself, of course (i).

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>>> listEx = ['cat *(Select: "Standard")*', 'dog', 'cow', 'turtle *(Select: "Standard")*', 'onion', 'carrot *(select: "Standard")*']
>>> listEx2 = ['house', 'farm', 'cottage', 'cat', 'turtle', 'computer', 'carrot']
>>> for elem in listEx2:
        for i, tgt in enumerate(listEx):
                if elem in tgt:
                        print elem, 'in', tgt, 'at', i

cat in cat *(Select: "Standard")* at 0
turtle in turtle *(Select: "Standard")* at 3
carrot in carrot *(select: "Standard")* at 5
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