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I have two jobs(A and B) that I want to B is triggered by A with the git commit used by A after A is successfully built.

The build trigger plug-in supports trigger the downstream job with the git commit used in the upstream job.

My question is how the downstream job uses the passed in commit to check out. I didn't find which variable is passed by job A, and how to use the pass-in commit value to check out code in B via Git plug-in of Jenkins?

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Jenkins Git plug-in is an intelligent tool. No specific configuration is needed. In upstream job trigger the downstream job with the Git commit used by the upstream job, downstream will automatically checkout the commit passed in by upstream.

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Can you explain how does this work with Build pipeline. I want the downstream build to use the GIT_COMMIT variable of the upstream build. Can you please let me know how to configure the same? –  leenasn Jan 27 '12 at 16:47
@leenasn I'm using parameter build trigger. The upstream job will trigger the downstream while it's stable with Pass-through Git Commit that was built. Downstream doesn't need specific configuration, you only need specify the same git repository for it. The Jenkins core will take responsibility to check out the commit passed in by upstream. –  Kane Jan 29 '12 at 2:29
@Kane Do you have any documentation or proof to suggest this is true? –  Blowsie Jan 8 at 12:58
@Blowsie you can check the build info of your downstream job. You can find the git commit is same as the upstream. –  Kane Jan 9 at 7:34

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