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I know how to display characters in news ticker type fashion (1 at a time on a delay), but I can seem to figure out how to display multiple news items. For example:

  1. I have an array of strings.
  2. I'd like to loop through each item in the array, and...
  3. and for each item (i.e. each string of text) in the array, I would then like to
  4. loop through EACH CHARACTER in that string and...
  5. display the character on screen in 70ms intervals (using setTimeout).
  6. Once I've reached the last character in that string, I want to jump back to the previous loop (see #2) to continue at an interval of 1 sec. (again using setTimeout).

Below is my feeble (i.e. greenhorn) attempt at solving this problem. I can get at each string and so far just do a console.log on it. Cant seem to figure out how to steps 4 through 6.

Somebody shed some light on this please.

Thanks In Advance!


<p class="theText">This is test 1 of the text.</p>
<p class="theText">This is test 2 of the text.</p>
<p class="theText">This is test 3 of the text.</p>
<div id="textScroller"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

var textScroller = function(scrollContainer){
    var container = document.getElementById(scrollContainer);
    var nodeContainer = document.getElementsByClassName('theText');

    // this function gets only the nodeValues from the nodeContainer array
    // and puts them in an array called textArray
    var getTextArray = function makeTextArray(theNodeArray){
        var textArray = [];
        for(var i=0;i<nodeContainer.length;i++){
            var container_text = nodeContainer[i].firstChild.nodeValue;
        return textArray;   

    var textArray = getTextArray();

        Right now the "showText" function just logs the string of text to the console.
        But the function SHOULD 
            [a] loop through each character in the CURRENT string and 
            [b] display the current character 
            [c] check if there are more characters and, if so...
            [d] display the next character in 70 milliseconds (i.e. setTimeout or setInterval)
            [e] if no more characters, go back to the function (loopArray) and get the next string
    function showText(theString){

    // loop through and process each item in the array
    var l = 0;
    function loopArray(){
        var thisString = textArray[l];
        if(l < textArray.length -1){



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You don't need multiple loops, you just need to remember which character you're up to in the current array item - if you've gone off the end then move on to the next item. Try something like the following:

var loopForever = false,
    itemIndex = 0,
    charIndex = 0;

function loopArray(){
   var currentItem = textArray[itemIndex];
   if (charIndex >= currentItem.length) {
      // move on to next item
      if (++itemIndex >= textArray.length) {
         // if looping forever go back to start of the item array,
         // otherwise return (in which case no new timeout will be set).
         if (loopForever)
            itemIndex = 0;
      charIndex = 0;
   // if at the end of the current item then delay 1000ms, otherwise 70ms
   setTimeout(loopArray, ++charIndex === currentItem.length ? 1000 : 70); 


The above assumes that your other code successfully sets up textArray as an array of the strings you want to display (such that in your example textArray is ["This is test 1 of the text.","This is test 2 of the text.","This is test 3 of the text."]).

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Bravo! Well done and thank you. I have learned quite a bit from this code. thanks again! –  sleeper Nov 14 '11 at 3:53
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